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"It is an explosive mixture of traditional jazz, served with wit, humour and dynamism!"

The story of this unusual jazz band starts in Montluçon, in the center of France. One summer day, five jolly fellows find themselves in the streets with the sole ambition of having fun entertaining the passers by. The audience loves it and the musicians have a great deal of fun: Pic’Pulses is on the way...

The band has grown up and now plays in Lyon’s jazz clubs. The abrasive wit hasn’t changed, nor has the tone! Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Spencer Williams, Jelly “Roll” Morton… the band plays this sacred repertoire with guts, and lets its originality blossom with every note.
Never taking itself too seriously, the band becomes more and more popular thanks to the musicians’ improvisations and humour on stage. Close to their audience, inventive and never morose, the five fellows propose a personal music, played in the tradition of Louisiana’s 20s and 30s: this good old New Orleans Jazz to which crowds used to dance on both sides of the Mississippi River…

PIC’PULSES’ releases its first album: “I LOST YOLANDE FROM LYON” is an assortment of sweet jazzy jewels of the traditional repertoire, some of which had seldom been recorded before. PIC’PULSES jazzed it up a little, adding surprising instrumental tricks. Your ears won’t believe their eyes, as the swing is here also visual… and ever so lively!

In parallel, the jazz band also lends some Swing to the French singer Amélie-les-Crayons, and participates to the recording of her last album, “LA PORTE PLUME”

After more than 20 festivals in two years, and about a hundred gigs since its creation, PIC’PULSES is now preparing their next recording, “YOUR FEET’S TOO BIG”: the album Lyon awaits for with itchy feet!!!


New Orleans Jazz is a convivial music, affordable to all kinds of audience. It is the perfect parade or jazz club music. If this style has never got out of fashion is not a hazard: what could be nicer to somebody than listening to swing music from less than two meters from the musicians playing it? And participating to it! PIC’PULSES creates its own musical atmosphere and is able to explode with swing as well as to travel down in time to play a melancholy, lazy ballad … With the experience of playing in many festivals (Coutouvre, Jazz au Fil du Cher, Tournée en Queyras, en Loire Atlantique, Jazz dans le bocage 2006-2008, Nuit du Jazz de Charly, International Jazz Parade de Lyon 2005-2007, Roanne Table Ouverte 2005-2007...) and all the advantages of acoustic music, the interpretation is professional and the emotion you can feel is the token of the complicity of the musicians. It has not taken a long time for the jazz buffs to get along, and friendship is one of the secrets of their style. Three years after its creation, the Jazz-band has become a reference around Lyon, and one of the biggest hopes to take over the French traditional jazz.
A word to the wise…

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